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The Best Jewellery For Every Bridal Dress Neckline

This is a guest post by freelance writer Katie Pierce.

Completing your bridal ensemble is one of the most exciting (yet intimidating) parts of planning a wedding. And no, it really doesn’t end with saying yes to the dress!

Once you’ve settled on your gown, you still have to accessorise and add some finishing touches to make the look entirely yours.

What might be tricky is pairing your jewellery with the neckline of your wedding dress. Whatever you choose should be intentional and well-balanced while still emphasising your personal style preferences.

Regardless of how much or how little of a statement you want to make, each piece of jewellery should work together to make you feel confident and beautiful.

This includes your engagement ring, of course!

To save you the headache, we’ve listed almost every type of neckline below and the accessory options that suit each.

From V-neck to off-the-shoulder styles, there’s a piece of jewellery inspiration for every bride here.

Strapless Dresses

Bold, striking earrings can add a dramatic touch to a strapless neckline. Simple and clean necklines let you play around with colour and texture, and nothing does that better than a beautiful pair of statement earrings!

It will help draw attention to your youthful and glowing face.

You can also opt for a long diamond earring to balance your look. Top it all off with matching tennis bracelets on each wrist.

Remember, though, that for strapless necklines, the jewellery you choose shouldn't compete with your dress's overall vibe.

So try pairing it with a choker or collar-length necklace that complements the gown's aesthetic.

High Necklines

A high neck is one of those necklines that’s so easy to overdo when it comes to accessories, especially if you’ve opted for a wedding dress with intricate lace or rhinestone designs.

So skip the necklace! Instead, elegantly pair your high neck with a simple pair of earrings and a bracelet.

Simple stud earrings are ideal for a minimalist bridal look, while drop earrings or hoops will make a more significant impression and highlight your neckline.

If you have a sleeveless gown, consider wearing a couple of bracelets to add a bit of shimmer.

V-Necklines and Plunging Necklines

The neckline is the star of the show here, so avoid overcrowding it or competing with it. You can go with a pendant necklace that isn’t too long or a triple strand of pearls.

Alternatively, you can also leave this area bare to give the neckline the justice (and attention!) it deserves.

If you’re going this route, opt for statement earrings to balance out the look and add just the right amount of glam!

Sweetheart Necklines

One of the easiest necklines to accessorise is a sweetheart neckline. You can pretty much add anything and everything to it, from necklaces and earrings to headpieces and veils. You’re all good as long as you don’t overaccessorise.

For instance, if you want to pair your sweetheart wedding dress with a crown, skip the larger-than-life earrings or the over-the-top necklace.

Instead, remember to highlight those natural romantic curves by keeping your jewellery simple and delicate.

If you’re going for a necklace, choose one that sits right on your collarbone so that it will complement your neckline well.

Off-the-Shoulder Necklines

Off-the-shoulder necklines are chic, sensual, and utterly feminine in every way. It elegantly emphasises your neck, face, and shoulders.

With that ample space between the top of your dress and your face, it’s a good idea to wear something that will fill in the gaps.

Why not try a choker with matching studs? You can also go for a twinge of drama by forgoing the necklace and opting for statement earrings with movement instead.

When all else fails, opt for a pretty set of pearls! It’s timeless, it’s classic, and it can even be your something borrowed or something new for the big day.

Scoop Necklines

Scoop necklines are classic and feminine, making them the ideal canvas for minimal accessories. A simple, delicate matching set of earrings and a choker is an excellent way to balance out the look.

You can even leave your neck bare and choose a pair of long, dangling drop earrings to keep the attention on your face.

One-Shoulder Necklines

One-shoulder necklines or asymmetrical necklines are already stunning on their own, so you want to choose pieces that accentuate the elegance of this contemporary look.

With an asymmetrical neckline, necklaces can look out of place or unbalanced. So instead, accessorise this modern angle with a drop or post earring that won’t detract from your dress's dramatic detail.

You can also go for simpler earrings if your dress has lace, embellishments, or other unique details on the strap.

Illusion Necklines

Illusion necklines are sleek, sophisticated, and feminine. The sheer netting of this neckline can become damaged if worn with a necklace.

Plus, it will also just draw attention away from the rest of the dress.

So say no to the necklace! Instead, go for longer earrings to elongate your neck and frame any details that might be applied to the dress’ neckline and sleeves.

Square Necklines

Square neckline dresses, which have been increasingly popular over the years, are quite simple yet absolutely stunning.

These kinds of necklines emphasise your collarbones and décolleté. With this neckline, you can pretty much play around with a lot of different jewellery combinations!

Just make sure that whatever necklace you wear doesn’t touch the dress too closely.

Chokers and short necklaces can create space, giving your collarbones more attention. They also look stunning paired with delicate earrings or a bracelet.

The Best Jewellery Pieces Make You Feel Confident and Beautiful

When choosing anything for your wedding, make sure you’re enjoying the process. Have fun with it!

What’s important is looking for pieces that make you feel fantastic inside and out. After all, we all look our best when we feel confident and beautiful!

Check out our blog for more tips on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty!

Do you have any tips for accessorising? What is your favourite style of neckline at weddings? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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