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The Face Behind the Blog: Chloe From Nyxie's Nook!

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Chloe, the lovely blogger behind Nyxie's Nook, is advertising with me this month, so I thought I'd take this chance to discuss why she started her blog - and what she likes to talk about on her site.

I absolutely love Nyxie's Nook, and I think it's great to learn a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of our favourite blogs.

In this blog post, I'm revealing the face behind the blog - including why Chloe started Nyxie's Nook and some of her top blog posts.

The Face Behind the Blog: Who is Chloe from Nyxie's Nook?

Chloe is a lovely thirty-something blogger from Northern Ireland. She writes a blog called "Nyxie's Nook", where she discusses anything and everything, including posts about mental health, eating disorder recovery, dating, home decor, self-care and more.

She regularly works with companies on her blog, using her online space to express daily creativity.

keyboard and notebook and pens

Art is also a huge part of Chloe's life, and she works as an illustrator - she even designed one of my recent tattoos!

In her spare time, Chloe loves to play video games to unwind, and she spends plenty of time with her husband and chosen family whenever she can.

Why did Chloe start Nyxie's Nook?

Chloe first started her blog in 2019 as a means to cope with eating disorder recovery and work through difficult changes in her life. Since then, she has used it to discuss her thoughts on anything and everything.

laptop on a desk, with coffee in mug, notebook and pen, and phone

By creating online resources about mental health and recovery, she helps others understand their own mental health journey - and her blog helps her work through her own feelings, too.

It's an important place for Chloe to turn when she wants to get creative or express her thoughts, but it's also a place where she can help others with relatable and crucial blog posts about mental health.

What does Chloe discuss on her blog?

Although Chloe started her blog to discuss mental health and recovery, she soon started to talk about different topics, too.

Today, you'll find posts about self-care, books, mental health, eating disorder recovery, feminism, home decor, inequality in Northern Ireland and more.

She uses her own experiences to talk about difficult subjects such as mental illness, helping others feel less alone in the process.

tiles that read "mental health matters"

I asked Chloe, if there was one thing she'd want readers to take away from reading the posts on her site, what would it be?

She answered that your mental health and wellness come first. And that recovery beyond mental health issues is possible!

Chloe's top blog posts

If you want to find out more about Chloe, head over to her blog!

using a laptop and drinking coffee

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Drop an email to or check out my advertising blog post for more information!

Do you follow Chloe's blog? Do you have any blogger recommendations for me this month? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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