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Top Attractive Traits of Men When Driving: According to the People of TikTok and Facebook

a couple holding hands in a car

In the age of social media in 2023, platforms like TikTok have become influential channels for sharing and discussing popular trends and preferences.

TikTok has shed light on various aspects of life, including relationships and dating.

Recently, TikTok users have started sharing their thoughts on what they find attractive about men when they are behind the wheel.

From subtle gestures to confident manoeuvres, these behaviours have garnered attention and sparked conversations.

In this article, we will delve into some of the most commonly mentioned attractive traits according to TikTok.

Regtransfers - Private Registration Plates company went out into the digital world and found the most attractive driving moves and biggest icks!

They even ran a Facebook poll with the hope to find out exactly what women find the most attractive things men do while driving.

Here are the results:

a poll about the most attractive things men do while driving

Attraction is one thing. However, you might have heard the term “ick” floating around lately.

An ick, simply put, is the opposite of attraction - let's just say something that kind of puts you off.

That being said, we thought it wouldn't be fair if we didn't add a few driving icks to our list for good measure.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you're not sat there thinking “damn I do that”.

And if you are, it’s never too late to try and act a little bit sexier (hopefully).

The Top Attractive Traits of Men While Driving

The One-Handed Steering Wheel Grip

One of the most frequently praised and impressive driving behaviours is the one-handed steering wheel grip.

one hand on the steering wheel.jpg

When a man expertly manoeuvres his vehicle with one hand casually resting on the steering wheel, it exudes a sense of ease, confidence and control - especially when they do little tappy taps with their hands along to the music.

Gentle Touches

Some women find it attractive when a man places his hand gently on his partner's thigh while driving, as it signifies a sense of closeness, comfort and intimacy.

holding hands in a car

This is our poll winner! 65% of women voted for this attractive and sensual gesture!

Who doesn’t love subtle touches as a passenger princess?

Reverse Parking in Style

Reverse parking can be a challenging task for many drivers, but it seems that TikTok users find it particularly attractive when men showcase their parking prowess.

a car park barrier

The act of skillfully manoeuvring a vehicle into a tight spot with confidence and precision is seen as desirable for most women.

Many women have mentioned how they find it appealing when a man reverse parks with their arm resting behind the passenger seat, looking out the rear window while they make their manoeuvre.

Pro Parallel Parking

Parallel parking - every driver's fear! When a man flawlessly parallel parks, it's a display of his mastery over the wheel and the road.

a car parked on the side of the road

Everyone struggles with parallel parking, so when you see a man do it effortlessly, it’s considered quite impressive!

Slick Gear Change

Whether he’s going up a gear, or down, a smooth gear change is an attractive trait for the manual car man.

No crunching or grinding, just perfectly timed gear changes.

Biggest Driving Icks


You guessed it. Stalling. We’ve all done it but let's face it, stalling is embarrassing for everyone!

So if you’re in a car with a guy and he keeps stalling, maybe you drive next time.

And the truth is, stalling multiple times in a row is unforgivable.

Taste in Music

Many people bond over a common interest in music. Is it really make or break?

Just imagine, you’re out for a long drive with your partner and you’re about to get the tunes going.

They then put on their playlist and it is so awful you can’t bear it!

plugging a phone into car speakers

Do you sit there in agony for the whole drive looking over while they have the best time, or do you simply turn the music off and express your newfound headache?

Damn, I wish he had good music taste, sigh.

Severe Road Rage

Nothing is worse than a guy with a bad temper when it comes to driving.

You just want to sink low in your seat to avoid the cringe.

Keep your hands on the wheel and the shouting to a minimum, please!

So… would you date any of these men based on their driving style, or are you with someone with a massive driving ick? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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