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My Top 5 Favourite Cafés in Yorkshire

There are so many local cafés to check out across the UK, including independent places to eat and delicious vegan spots.

I love heading to cafés at the weekend, and I recently discussed getting over my social anxiety to enjoy solo dates.

I think there's something so fantastic about trying out a new place to eat, and it's even better when it's in your local area or you get the chance to support a local business.

Although I live in Harrogate and I regularly check out lots of local spots- I also love to visit other cafés in Yorkshire when I'm on my travels or visiting friends.

From York to Leeds, there are so many incredible places to eat in Yorkshire. Maybe one day I'll have tried out all of them!

In this post, I've put together my top cafés in Yorkshire. I absolutely love checking out delicious vegan food and tasty drinks at my favourite cafés, and I think that Summer is the best time to try out a few new local treats.

1. The Ugly Duckling Cafe

The Ugly Duckling Café is one of my favourite places to visit in Knaresborough. This beautiful tearoom is welcoming to everyone, including dogs and cyclists.

I love heading here for a delicious lunchtime treat when I'm out exploring Knaresborough.

This café also provides its customers with lots of drinks, sweet treats and refreshments. You'll never go hungry in Knaresborough!

2. The Bay Tree Cafe & Bistro

The Bay Tree Café and Bistro is my favourite place to visit when I'm on my holidays in Hawes, the Yorkshire Dales.

It's a gorgeous spot and it serves classic, hearty countryside food that I love!

I love this café for its traditional feel, and it also serves plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options too which is fantastic.

From soup to ice-cream sundaes, find everything you need on your next picturesque trip to the Yorkshire Dales!

3. Betty's York

This couldn't be a post about Yorkshire cafés without mentioning Betty's!

There is a Betty's location in Harrogate and York, with hundreds of tourists visiting this British treat every week.

This café is known for its afternoon tea services, delicate cakes and delicious sweet treats.

Whenever you head to York on a weekend, the queue to Betty's is crazy- so it's definitely a good idea to go mid-week if you're after one of their classic afternoon tea spreads.

4. Cawa

This is an independent coffee shop in the heart of Sheffield, and it provides people with delicious drinks and gorgeous pastries.

All of the baked goods are delivered by a local bakery, and when you buy from this café you don't just support the coffee shop- you can also support other local businesses too!

I love the delicious cinnamon buns, cakes and pastries at this café.

The baked goods are delivered fresh everyday, and Cawa give away any food that hasn't been eaten to passers-by or any remaining customers.

It definitely pays to head there at the end of the day!

5. No 43 Brew Bar

This café is based in Harrogate, my hometown! It opened in May 2018, and it has tried to build a strong sense of community in the local area.

It's the perfect place to head for lunch, coffee, tea or sweet Summer refreshments.

I love Brew Bar and I've been going there for a while now with friends or on a special solo date.

Do you have any favourite cafés in your local area?

Let me know all your recommendations!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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