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Top 10 Places to Visit in the UK this Spring

Spring is a fantastic time to visit new places, and there are so many places to visit across the UK.

Here in the UK, we have everything you need for a fun day out or weekend trip. There are plenty of museums and art galleries if you want to go on a cultural trip, or bars and pubs if you're after a fun night out!

Including quaint towns and beautiful countryside spots, I've put together my top 10 places to visit in the UK this Spring!

1. York

York is a gorgeous city, and it's not too far away from me! You can travel to York by train, or drive over from one of the neighbouring cities.

There are so many things to do in York! You can visit one of the many museums, take a walk to the historic York Minster or head to one of the many river-side pubs that the city has to offer.

York is a great place to visit in Spring, and there are so many outdoor spots to have a tasty picnic- and there's nothing like a wander around the cobbled streets in the bright sunshine.

2. Lake District

The Lake District is a great place to visit this Spring, and it has lots of little villages and countryside spots to check out with your friends or family.

There are so many picturesque places in the Lake District, including Lake Windermere or Ullswater.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy a bit of nature, with lots of flowers and new life to explore with loved ones.

3. Whitby

Whitby is a lovely seaside spot, and it has lots of things to do with family or friends.

You can check out the famous Whitby harbour or even visit the inspiration for Dracula, spooky Whitby Abbey.

This is a historic fishing town, and it's full of exciting little places to explore.

Whitby is also only a short drive from other seaside towns, such as Robin Hood's Bay or Filey.

4. Brighton

Brighton is known for its beautiful coastline- and this is a great place to visit in the UK this Spring.

Instead of jetting off to a foreign coast, why not try visiting somewhere a bit closer to home- and Brighton also has lots of cool bars to check out.

Known for its famous annual Pride event, Brighton also has lots of LGBTQIA+ safe spaces to explore.

5. Newcastle

Newcastle is a great place to visit this Spring for a day out with friends, or a night out full of fun.

Newcastle has so many bars and pubs across the city, including a Wetherspoon's pub with four floors!

Head out with friends for the day or party all night in this stunning, modern UK city full of surprises.

6. Cornwall

Cornwall is also known for its stunning coastline, and there are so many different places to visit.

You could visit the historic town of Truro or try legendary Cornish ice-cream on one of the many beaches down there.

Spring is a fantastic time to visit a UK beach, as the weather is usually warm enough to enjoy a walk- but not too hot that you don't feel like exploring the local sites.

7. Warwick

Warwick is a beautiful town full of history, and it has a castle! If you're a fan of castles, you could even head over to the neighbouring village of Kenilworth to check out their castle too.

Including Abbey Fields and other nature walks, this is a great place to visit in the UK this Spring.

Warwick is a great place to walk around, and you can always drive over to Coventry or Birmingham if you're after a bit of city night life- or if you want to do some shopping!

8. Bath

As well as being a vibrant University town, Bath is also full of history culture for you to explore this Spring.

The Roman Baths look amazing, and places such as Pulteney Bridge and Royal Crescent are surrounded by amazing natural beauty that will just come to life in Spring time!

9. Edinburgh

There is SO much to do in Edinburgh! From the active night life to historic places to visit, you'll find something you love doing here this Spring.

There's also a lot of Harry Potter-inspired places to visit, and you can enjoy a whisky-tasting experience with all of your friends.

10. Bangor

This is a UK list- so there had to be a Welsh Spring spot in there too! Bangor is a small town in the North of Wales, but there is so much to do here!

You can head to the beach, or climb Snowdonia if you're feeling adventurous. I love finding new things to do on holiday, even if it's just a short break or day trip.

Where are you off to this Spring? Let me know in the comments- and don't forget to take lots of photos!

Sarah xoxoxo

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