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Travel Hack Stowaway Cabin Backpack Review

Today I'm back with a good old fashioned review of my newest acquisition - the Travel Hack Backpack designed in collaboration with Cabin Max. It's been perfectly designed to comply with all major (and budget) airline's hand luggage restrictions, meaning you can now fly with this one bag, safe in the knowledge that you'll not be stung with any extra luggage charges!

If you don't know Monica who runs The Travel Hack, she is a British based travel blogger who loves in Wales with her husband and three gorgeous children. Monica began travelling in 2009 where she bought a one-way ticket to Australia and had the most amazing two years of her entire life.

Monica has barely stopped travelling since and having her family has not stopped her, she just adapts the time she spends away from her children and the places she goes.

I've been following her for many years and have always found her travel blog to be one filled to the brim with some of the most gorgeous photography as well as the best ways to get the most out of each destination.

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case

Monica has previously collaborated with Cabin Max on a Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case which again is perfectly designed to travel as hand luggage. I was very excited when this launched and of course extremely happy for Monica, I don't think there's anyone better suited to design a case!

The Travel Hack Pro Cabin Case has again been perfectly designed to fit every airline's hand luggage restrictions but it doesn't shrink on making the most of every millimetre of space. Ensuring that you can fit all of your belongings inside without compromise!

This is perfect for anyone who does a lot of travelling and is looking for a case which they can take on board with them and one which helps save time whilst going through security!

It is available from the Cabin Max website and is priced at £69. It's well worth it if you do travel frequently and hate all the stress and faff which comes with taking everything out when going through security!

There are so many different pockets and compartments to help keep everything well organised - the large pocket at the top can be used for your handbag when you're travelling with airlines who only allow one piece of hand luggage!

The Travel Hack Stowaway Cabin Backpack

One of the many things I love about this Cabin Backpack is just how many handy pockets it

has to store all of my belongings in. There's a place for everything and everything has its place, this definitely helps to ensure that nothing gets lost and I can easily access my phone, purse, tissues, water bottle should I need.

First up I absolutely love the black exterior with the chunky rose gold zips, just so visually appealing! The zip pulls themselves glide easily along the zips, ensuring nothing gets snagged or damaged.

The backpack itself is light to carry, even when full and the two sturdy straps help to distribute the weight evenly across my back.

The two zipped string pockets on the interior of the backpack are a great place for me to store those items which might otherwise get lost - headphones, chargers, notebook, pens etc. Having them all in one place means I know exactly where they are, it also ensures that my headphones don't get tangled!

The deep interior has a 20L capacity, making it perfect for those weekend breaks where you don't want to pack too much and just want to take the one hand luggage with you..

I've just been using it for when I'm out and about in my hometown, taking my laptop with me to a coffee shop or bar when I want a change of scene to get my work done!

My laptop is too big to fit in the convenient side pocket (a 13 inch Macbook fits perfectly though!) so I just place it inside and it is a bit of a snug fit here, but I like to think that it's being protected. There's still plenty of room on top to place anything else should I require them.

Instead I place my laptop charger and perhaps something like my diary. It's perfect and is just another handy pocket within which to place something which may otherwise get lost!

The top pocket is where I keep my phone, my portable charger, lip balm and tissues. It's quick access making it the perfect place for the items I find I always need!

The two side pockets are perfect for a water bottle and re-useable coffee cup. The pocket on the right of the bag has a zip, making it compatible with all different kinds of water bottle. Again, the rose gold detailing here is just beautiful.

The large padded pocket at the front is where I like to keep my purse. It's too big to go in the top pocket but in here it fits wonderfully.

It would also be the perfect place to place any documents you would be needing if you were to be taking this on a plane with you.

The bag is padded to ensure everything stays snugly in place and the clamshell like opening enables me to quickly and effectively get my laptop out or place my shopping inside should the need arise.

My Review

Basically I love everything about this backpack and have found the bag for me when it comes to going out and about with my laptop.

Being a blogger means I can work remotely from anywhere, so to have a bag which can carry everything I need whilst being stylish and practical is wonderful.

I know I don't travel hand luggage only very often (If at all! The last time I did was when I went to Rome!) but I do occasionally travel on trains to new cities across the UK so I know I'll be getting some use out of it then.

Instead of having to take two separate bags when I need to travel and take my laptop, I can now just take this one and still take everything I need! That's a win in my book!

The other great thing about this bag is how relatively inexpensive it is. It retails for £30 which I think is a fabulous price point for anyone wanting to up their cabin bag game and play the airlines at their own game when it comes to avoiding those nasty bag charges!

This backpack is also designed to go with this compression packing cube which compresses 20 litres of clothing by 33% to make extra packing space. This again would be perfect if you're a regular traveller eager to condense your wardrobe! This compression cube retails for a very respectable £15.

All in all this is one of the best purchases I have made recently. I can see myself using it again and again for a variety of purposes, but mainly when I'm wanting to head out to work instead of being stuck inside.

It just has everything I require in one handy bag which makes taking my laptop out a delight instead of a chore!

Love, Sarah


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