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AD Nostalgic Fashion With Truffle Shuffle

AD - T-shirts in this post kindly gifted by Truffle Shuffle in exchange for this post and shares on my social media channels. All words my own

When I first discovered Truffle Shuffle I could not have been happier - t-shirts with designs with some of my much-loved TV Shows and Movies on.

They have literally something for everyone so if you know someone who would absolutely love their own bit of nostalgia then I would highly suggest checking out Truffle Shuffle!

Life As a Mid-Sized Gal

I've been on a journey with my body over the years and am getting to that age where it's tougher to lose the weight, not to mention that with the rise of social media which tells us we should look a certain way and if we don't then we need to change it before we dare step outside our front door.

If learning to love the way we look is tough then trying to find your own style can be something of a minefield. I find this to especially hard if you happen to be a mid-sized girl who doesn't quite fit into most standard sized options found both on our local high-street and online.

With sizing being so different even between different items in the same shop how are we ever meant to find something to suit us and look good?! I mean seriously!

As someone who is mid-sized, this happens more often than not and leads me to not wanting to venture out onto the high street because I just know that the clothes I want aren't going to look good on me or fit right because they're not designed with my body shape in mind!

If you're unsure what a mid-sized body is, it's one which is in between sizes - say a 14 is too small and a 16 too big so ideally you need a 15 which doesn't exist, so you don't end up buying it because neither size looks good!

It is incredibly frustrating and leads to me basically wearing the same style of outfit over and again because I know it suits my body shape! I now exclusively shop at Primark, New Look and ASOS because I know without having to try things on, how the clothes from these stores are going to fit.

Yes, occasionally there still may be an outfit or two that goes back because the way it's made doesn't fit, but on the whole, I can rely on these stores to make me feel good and give me all the positive vibes when I wear their clothes.

Experimenting With My Style

So, with this in mind, and a love for all things movie & TV related, I headed over to Truffle Shuffle to browse their extensive collection of 80s & 90s nostalgia and vintage inspired t-shirts and jumpers.

There's nothing better (in my opinion) than snuggling up in jogging pants, a t-shirt and a hoodie on a cold day, or dressing up jeans with a slogan tee shirt - even better if it reminds me of one of my absolute favourite films!

Some of my favourite TV shows and movies when I was younger include, The Animals of Fathering Wood, Jurassic Park, Danger Mouse, An American Tail, Lady and The Tramp, Art Attack, Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of The Dark, The Demon Headmaster, Round The Twist, The Neverending Story and SuperTed!

I've been experimenting with my style recently and trying things that are outside of my comfort zone a little to see how they look on me.

Not everything works but with the ones that do, it boosts my confidence a little and encourages me to try again.

I also love wearing a slogan t-shirt, so the ones featured in this post are perfect for me!

They can also be fab conversation starters - people are going to perhaps wonder why you're wearing a Danger Mouse t-shirt for instance.

So, they will ask you about it, and you can tell them it's because Danger Mouse was one of the best TV shows you remember from your childhood, and you delighted in the fact that he and Penfold were going to take over the world!

There's no one certain way that you should dress and although I do tend to stick to the same mom jeans, slogan top and trainers combo, it's good to switch it up every now and again and see how your favourite pieces work when they're dressed up/down depending on the occasion.

When the weather is behaving (ahem!) I love to dig out my leather jacket and ditch the trainers for something slightly less causal. Either way I know it's ok to be totally me and wear whatever I want despite having a mid-sized body which doesn't conform to the ideal beauty standards.

Encouraging You to Dress How YOU Want to Dress

I want you to come away from this post feeling good about the way your body looks. Whether that be tall, petite, skinny, mid/plus sized, your body is amazing just the way it is.

No-one, especially not a clothing store, should make you feel any different! And if it does (or they do!) you can always leave and go elsewhere.

You should feel comfortable and confident in your clothes and dress in the way which best represents your personal style. For me this is slogan tee shirts - I love anything with a message or a meaning behind it.

I grew up in the late 80s/early 90s so some of my favourite films are from this era; An American Tail, Lady & The Tramp, E.T, Batteries Not Included, Gremlins and Short Circuit.

So, you can understand why I chose these ones from Truffle Shuffle - I've even posed with the accompanying DVDs! I really do love my new tees and I know I'm going to love wearing them even more.

I know this isn't everyone's personal style, but I hope I've given you some confidence in what you DO wear, to be brave and put it on anyway!

Who cares what anybody else thinks, because really? Everybody else is probably too worried about what they're wearing to think much about you! Just enjoy fashion and have fun with it.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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