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Ultimate Guide to Vegan Chocolate: 10+ Vegan Chocolate Products to Try Out!

It can be hard to find the perfect chocolate- especially if you're vegan!

Although there are lots of chocolate options for vegans, if you're a new vegan or you've not yet tried out any products, it can feel overwhelming to try and find your next favourite treat.

In this post, I've put together an ultimate guide for anyone who needs a few vegan chocolate suggestions, including tasty everyday bites and luxurious treats.

I think there's something for everyone in this post- non-vegans included!

1. Trupig Vegan

Trupig Vegan is a lovely small business in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. This business makes award-winning chocolate products- every single one of them suitable for vegans!

Their chocolates are luxurious and delicious, including vegan chocolate seashells and their vegan take on Toblerone! You can visit their store or order their delicious chocolates online.

2. Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam make the best vegan chocolate range! From chocolate buttons to truffles, this business allows customers to sign up for a subscription or just make one-off purchases.

You can find Doisy and Dam in lots of major supermarkets and shops, including Holland and Barrett's. They make the perfect on-the-go snack, so I have to include them in my ultimate guide!

3. Jude's Vegan Chocolate Brownie Ice-Cream

This wholesome, family-run ice-cream company creates delicious ice-cream options for vegans across the UK!

There are lots of chocolate-inspired ice-cream flavours to choose from, including chocolate brownie and vegan cookie dough brownie. Many of their ice-creams are also low-calorie!

4. Jeavons Toffee

Jeavons Toffee create delicious vegan toffees, caramels and chocolates. The business use traditional methods to create their products, including a dairy-free salted caramel bar and a puffed rice and chewy toffee chocolate bar.

I love all of their products, and they are a real trip down memory lane!

5. Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate make delicious vegan options for anyone, including sumptuous dark chocolate bars that are perfect for a tasty treat.

Divine pride themselves on providing luxurious chocolate moments, and all of their products are created with fairtrade chocolate and cocoa to try and do their bit for the environment and farm businesses.


I LOVE NOMO chocolates- they are so yummy!

NOMO is the UK's number one vegan and free-from chocolate brand. Whether you're vegan or you're lactose intolerant, these chocolates had to make it onto my ultimate guide.

I really recommend trying out one of their chocolate boxes or individual products, and their gift boxes are a great choice for birthdays or Christmas.

7. Booja-Booja Vegan Organic Ice-Cream

Booja-Booja have a fantastic selection of vegan ice-cream- and all of their products are completely organic, too!

Their flavours are unique and delicious, including hazelnut chocolate truffle and hunky punky chocolate.

Everyone needs a luxurious scoop of ice-cream when the weather gets warmer, and Booja-Booja are the boujie choice!

8. The Vegankind

The Vegankind website lists a huge range of fantastic vegan chocolate brands- and they believe that going vegan shouldn't mean you have to give up on creamy chocolate!

From vegan chocolate bars to dark chocolate treats, Vegankind want anyone to find their next favourite vegan chocolate product.

9. Ditto Bakes

Ditto Bakes create delicious chocolate brownies that are rich and super tasty!

This small business prides itself on baking fudgy brownies that anyone can enjoy, and all of their products are completely vegan and available via subscription.

Who wouldn't want brownies through their letterbox every week?!

10. Nord66 Chocolates

Nord66 is a small business on Etsy. They sell lots of funky chocolates and all of their products are absolutely delicious.

Nord66 chocolate truffles are created using different and unique flavours- and I love trying out lots of different combinations that I would never have considered!

11 Vegan Magnum

If you love a delicious ice-cream when you're on-the-go during the Summer months, Magnum have created a tasty ice-cream option that is completely vegan.

There are a few flavours to choose from, including chocolate almond Magnum and the vegan classic Magnum!

You can now enjoy your favourite full-size or mini Magnum treat, and I can't wait to try one of these ice-creams this Summer!

12. Raw Chocolate

Raw are one of my all-time favourite vegan chocolates, and they create such a delicious range of chocolates to enjoy.

From dark chocolate raisins to vegan milk chocolate, I love all of their products!

Many companies just create dark chocolate vegan products- which is great- but Raw also create milk chocolate options for people who want something a little bit different.

Do you have any vegan chocolate products to add to this ultimate guide? Let me know all your recommendations in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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