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AD My Guide To A Happy Vegan Easter

Collection of Easter chocolates, fake tulips in a vase and fake easter flowers in a pot

The best time of the year is quickly coming up and as a vegan that can sometimes mean searching the supermarket shelves for the scraps left behind by everyone who managed to get there earlier than you!

But fear not, for now is the best time to start looking around for vegan Easter eggs and enjoying the bounty that is there for us to enjoy!

So, I’ve gathered together some of my favourites for you. They range in price from £2-£3 up-to £10 but I can guarantee they are all delicious and well worth your hard-earned pennies! Unfortunately though, the hardest part is going to be deciding which one/s to take home!

Bourneville & Fry’s

Now, these two are a vegan staple – well, they are for me anyway! Since finding out that Fry’s chocolates are accidentally vegan, I’ve been known to place these in my baskets as soon as I spot them!

Before the pandemic hit, I used to eat a whole bar of Bourneville chocolate to myself. But since using it more in baking, I don’t anymore, so I guess that’s a good thing?

Anyway, I couldn’t resist picking up on of their Easter eggs which includes a smaller bar of their chocolate.

Fry's Easter Egg in a blue box
Bourneville Easter Egg in a red box

Both of these are relatively easy to find and are definitely at the cheaper end of the price scale – something we all need to be aware of at the moment. I found both of these in Poundworld for only £2 each.

Nord66 Chocolates

I found this small business on Etsy and was instantly taken with the look of their delicious chocolates.

The owner Shane is a professionally trained chef by trade who creates unique and funky chocolate truffles, occasionally chocolate bars when time allows, as well as Swedish Fika accompaniments.

His chocolates pair unusual flavours together to create something which is totally unique. The chocolate itself is silky smooth, allowing the flavours to shine through. Personally I’ve never tasted such unusual flavours but somehow they all work together wonderfully.

As all these chocolates are made to order, sometimes stock can be running low so I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out on their social media to keep updated.

Nord66 chocolates in a gold tray and on top of two chocolate bars

These chocolates definitely make Easter more decadent, far more than the chocolates mentioned earlier! Us vegans deserve to have delicious chocolates at Easter too you know!

Prices range from £2.95 for the Snax Bars and upto £10.99 for a box of 8 chocolates.

Divine Chocolates Mini Eggs

Divine are a company whose ethos is all about being Fairtrade and supporting the farmers they work with.

It was started by a group of farmers in Ghana who voted to set up their own chocolate company in 1993 and launched the first farmer-owned Fairtrade chocolate product aimed at the mass market in the UK.

In 2013, Divine brings out the first caramel-filled chocolate bar with no palm oil. This was the starting point for Divine to stop using palm oil in any of its products.

Collection of Easter chocolates, fake tulips in a vase and fake Easter flowers in a pot

The chocolate itself is 70% dark chocolate with a sharp flavour. They are the perfect size to go alongside one of their delicious eggs, plus the more vegan chocolate we can have, the better am I right?!

Price £4.75 from the website, but can be found cheaper in the supermarket. (Mine were reduced!)

Booja Booja

Easter Edition Vegan Truffle Collection:

Booja Booja are back with an Easter Edition of its vegan truffle collection with a gorgeous box designed by Norfolk artist Pippa Mulvany. Rather than the traditional ‘Easter bunny’ imagery, Pippa’s illustration highlights wild hares, which are a more traditional folk symbol of Easter.

A golden dove, lit by the sun at the centre of the watercolour sky, symbolises the hope of Easter story.

The Easter Edition features five different Booja Booja truffle flavours:

Hazelnut Crunch and Almond Salted Caramel, Around Midnight Espresso, Rhubarb and Vanilla Fool and Stem Ginger.

All truffles are completely dairy-free, gluten-free, soya free and palm oil free. The 184g Easter Edition box retails for £9.99 and is available at selected local stores and online.

Booja Booja truffles in a spring decorated box

Booja Booja Easter Eggs

These are multi-award winning treasures which consistently top the polls in terms of great taste and luxury.

Each exquisite keepsake shell is packed with a generous serving of delicious organic chocolate truffles, better still, the range uses minimal packaging, is kinder to the planet and also gives something back to the community!

These gorgeous and exquisite hand-painted, papier-mache Easter eggs make a show stopping change to the traditional eggs and are available in small (three truffles) and large (twelve truffles).

Large: Fine de Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch and Almond Salted Caramel Truffles (£24.99)

Small: Hazelnut Crunch and Almond Salted Caramel Truffles (£9.99).

All the eggs are beautifully decorated by a small community of artisans in Kashmir, India. Each egg is hand painted with great skill, care and attention to produce a piece of art that will last for years as an exquisite keepsake.

Hand painted Booja Booja Easter Egg Shell containing truffles wrapped in a pink bow

Ditto Bakes

Another little business I found, this time via Instagram. I'd seen them posting their vegan brownies and blondies previously, so I just knew I had to order some to taste them for myself! They are all handmade by Emma who believes you can do anything, DITTO, vegan!

Emma makes her brownies using the finest vegan ingredients including the finest Belgium chocolate.

There is a wide variety available including The Indulgent Chocolate & Lotus Biscoff Box, White Chocolate and Oreo Blondies & Kind-er "Bueno" Blondie. (Pictured)

My favourite ones are definitely the Indulgent Chocolate & Lotus Biscoff ones, they're just so chocolatey! So definitely a vegan treat this Easter, like I said previously we deserve tasty treats too!

Ditto Bakes brownies and blondies on a white plate with yellow daises

Similar to Nord66 Chocolates, stock updates are available on their social media and website, so keep an eye out if there's something you fancy! I would highly recommend snagging a box of these delicious blondies & brownies if you're after something a bit different, but equally as indulgent this Easter.

Prices range from £7.75 up to £15.70 for a mixed box. They deliver to all UK postcodes.

Mummy Meagz Eggs

Mummy Meagz Vegan Kitchen has been creating treasured vegan treats since 2017. But she has been creating treats for vegans since 2003 when she opened Blondes Coffee Shop in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, where she turned the entire cafe vegan in 2016.

When she realised how large the following for her sweet vegan culinary creations had grown, she began to produce them for a larger audience, winning places on the shelves of major national retailers.

All Mummy Meagz treats are vegan – and kinder to animals, health and the environment – because nobody’s sweet tooth should suffer due to lifestyle, or dietary choices. Every product is GMO free to protect wildlife and the world’s forest.

They only contain only responsibly sourced palm oil, as certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Mummy Meagz Orange Choccie Bar Egg

The Mummy Meagz Easter range is available from Holland and Barrett.

Sunnycomb Bar

Mummy Meagz has made it her mission to take the world’s favourite chocolate snacks and turn them vegan. The Sunnycomb Bar follows this trend with a vegan crunchy honeycomb bar smothered in a Smoove Moove chocolate blend, which offers the perfect chocolate snack.

The golden honeycomb bar at the heart of this chocolate treat will remind vegans of one of the UK’s most famous crunchy golden bars and bring a ray of springtime sunshine to all those who enjoy it.

Mummy Meagz Sunnycomb Bar

A vegan take on classic-coated crunchy honeycomb bars and the perfect grab and go option for chocoholics. 40g bar £1.49

Smoove Moove Easter Egg

The Smoove Moove Easter Egg is a luxuriously silky blend of mylk chocolate and deliciously dark chocolate. Packaged in an eye catching gift box that is illustrated with loveable lambs, this smaller egg is perfect for gifting for adults and children alike.

With a satisfying crack to the shell, chocolate lovers will love the signature Smoove Moove blend used to craft this egg. Smooth dairy free mylk chocolate meets deliciously dark chocolate for an irresistible combination that melts in the mouth.

Mummy Meagz Smoove Moove Chocolate Egg

Sumptuously smooth dark chocolate blended with delicious vegan mylk chocolate crafted into an egg. 70G £3.99

Lindt Bunny

We all love chocolate bunnies and this gorgeously decadent dark chocolate one from Lindt is no exception. Created by a Master Chocolatier for his daughter, Lindt’s Golden Bunnies with their golden coat and red ribbons, (or brown, in this case!) herald Spring and brighten any Easter spread.

At Lindt, every creation is crafted with precision, passion and care. From start to finish, it takes about an hour to bring a bunny to life. After coating a mould with their fine chocolate, their bunnies are left to cool at optimum temperature to attain the perfect sheen and crisp snap.

Each bunny is then carefully wrapped in the signature gold foil and polished by the gloved hands of a Master Chocolatier. As a final loving touch, each Lindt Gold Bunny has a red ribbon and bell tied with a bow.

Lindt Gold Bunny with a brown ribbon and a bell

I personally love Lindt chocolate, it’s so smooth and delicious and prior to going vegan, their bunnies were one of my favourites come Easter. I used to keep the ribbons and bells to use in crafting.

It certainly feels special receiving one of these on Easter Sunday, so I’ll definitely be taking my time with this one when the time comes.

Prices range from £4.99 (mine was reduced in the supermarket!)

So there you have it! I hope you've managed to find some delicious Easter treats here which you'll be enjoying on Easter weekend! I know I will!



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