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AD. Vegan-Friendly Father's Day Gift Guide

AD- Products featured as PR products all opinions my own

Not all products featured are strictly *vegan* here - obviously the Mead has honey in it and Yardley's is CF, but it is not certified *vegan*.

Father's Day 2020 is almost upon us and whilst we're still in lockdown that's no reason why you can't still send a little something to the person who means the most to you.

Nowadays families come in all shapes and sizes, not everyone has a typical 'normal' family dynamic so don't think of this as a gift guide just for Father's, these gifts work equally well for anyone who has been there for you in any capacity during lockdown, or even before.

I've picked products which I believe are suitable for anyone and will make perfect gifts anytime of the year.

You could even get ahead on the dreaded Christmas shopping, the way lockdown is going who knows if we'll be out before 25th December! (although I sincerely hope we'll be out by then!)

Food and Drink

To start with, I have a selection of foodie items and of course some alcohol! So if the father figure in your life is more of a foodie then I'm sure you'll find something here which they'll love.

They're all small independent businesses who are doing amazing work producing such delicious food and drink. I urge you to check them out and treat your loved one to something tasty.

Gosnell's Mead

First up, I have this Online Home Mead Tasting pack from Gosnells Mead featuring a pack of 4 meads:

Citra Sea - a rich blend of honey, lemon, tarragon and hops with tantalising salty finish like the sea but also, not.

Hibiscus - our only pink mead we brew with hibiscus flowers for fruity tart note and did we say it's pink?

Low Alc - this is our play on fermentation. Our new low alc sparkling mead tastes far bigger than its 0.5% ABV.

Sour - complex layers of flavour a puckering sourness and honey notes. We know, we had you at 'pucker'.

Hopped - Inspired by juicy IPAs made with hops, for a drier floral finish. Juicy yet fry. Or dry yet juicy. Hmmm

x2 honey - We have included two sets of the honeys we use to brew our meads. Can you taste the difference?

Kvieking Orange Blossom - this is a "traditional" style strait mead using a blend of traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast, with an orange blossom honey base and fermented at high temperatures this delicious mead is semi sweet and packs a fruity punch.

With big honey character and tropical fruit aromas from the yeast this is surely a brewery favourite and hopefully yours too!

Gosnells say: "Everything we do starts with the honey, so we've included two examples of the honeys we use to show just how much flavour is in great quality honey. Alongside this is a range of the different meads we make to showcase how much variety there is."

They run a live tasting every Friday at 5PM on their Instagram page @gosnellsmead - just follow them and catch up with the last week's live for 24 hours afterwards. Perfect!

This would make a great alternative to beer and I for one know my Dad would definitely appreciate this gift! Mead is alcohol fermented from honey, it's natural and full of delicious flavours depending on where the bees have been busy pollinating. We all love a glass of bubbles and these ones are no different, in fact, they're special, because they're bubbles from bees.

This pack also comes with an envelope of wildflowers sees which will attract bees so they can go back to the hive and create more delicious honey!

You can buy this pack online and it retails for £35.

CafePod Coffee

CafePod Coffee were established in London 2011 and they're an independent business based in SW London, they conceive and craft quality coffee for you to enjoy and to help you thrive in the hustle, the bustle and the daily grind.

From Nespresso compatible, to ground and beans they craft strong, exciting coffee for adventurous coffee drinkers. Enjoy coffee at home to help you stay at your sharpest, always. These would be perfect for the Dad who loves nothing better than a cup of Joe first thing in the morning, or at any other time of the day.

The Brunch Blend is made for lazy Sunday brunches, so gather your troops and start smashing, poaching and toasting. This smooth and balanced blend is the perfect brunch companion.

Bean: 100% Arabica Roast: Exquisitely caramelised Source: Brazil & Columbia Taste: Decadent chocolate caramel brownies Enjoy: with sourdough and friends

Supercharger Espresso is powered with a full roast and dense Robusta beans, so you can unleash the potential of your day.

Bean: Robusta

Roast: Dark & bold

Source: Southern India

Taste: Spiced and roasted chestnuts

Enjoy: When life demands it!

I can definitely envision getting the brunch blend out on Father's Day and cooking up a delicious brunch filled with avocado on toast, hash browns, sweetcorn fritters, pancakes, french toast and more.

What better way to start the day than with a wonderful cup of CafePod Coffee? You can buy this on their website and each bag retails for £4.50.

OGGS Vegan Cakes

Now here's something for the foodies amongst you! OGGS are an ethical, vegan, cake loving small business who love nothing better than making delicious cakes without using eggs. You may ask how can you make a cake without breaking eggs? Well, you use aquafaba! That magic liquid sitting inside chickpea cans.

So, if your Dad/Father figure has dietary requirements then this could well be the perfect addition to Sunday Brunch - plus they would go perfectly well with a cup of the Brunch Blend from CafePod.

I have tried OGGS before, when they first launched in Waitrose and believe me when I tell you that these cakes are quite simply the BEST I've tried since I went vegan in 2019. Fact.

They're delicious and you wouldn't be able to tell they were vegan if you didn't know. My favourite is the Chocolate Fudge Cake - heavenly. Anyway, take it from me that these cakes are divine and you need them in your life.

OGGS cakes are available from Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado and TheVeganKind. Priced at £4.25 and their entire packaging is completely compostable/recyclable.

Roberts Bakery Bread Making Kit

Now, if your Dad/Father figure is a baker then this could well be the perfect gift for him.

Costing only £8.50, this Robert's Bakery Bread Making Kit has everything you need to get started baking loaves, rolls and pizza bases like an expert.

Just add oil & water, shape into whatever you fancy, perhaps using the handy stencil to produce some fabulous football rolls or perhaps make a footboule loaf.

Just cut out the pattern, sieve over the flour and voila, perfect for a Sunday morning bacon roll!

To make it even simpler, all you need do is add 300ml of beer to create a brilliantly boozy pizza base laced with his best-loved toppings.

Each 1kg Get Baking Kit makes a large white loaf and 12 bread rolls, a large white loaf and four pizza bases or a large white loaf, six white rolls and two pizza bases. There are endless possibilities! Plus, once opened the kit lasts for 3 months. So plenty more boozy loaves to be had!

Each kit comes in recyclable paper bag and costs £8.50. Final orders must be placed by 3pm on Thursday 18th June for delivery in time for Sunday 21st June. Order from their website.

Skincare and Fragrance

If your Dad/Father figure is more of a skincare addict then I'm sure there'll be something here for you to gift them. From fragrances to moisturiser to a shave cream and even a personalised Sudocrem.

Nowadays it's not just the ladies who hanker after the latest skincare release, there's now a lot more men taking better care of their skin and not only look good but smell good too!

Here's just a small selection to get them started!

Tropic Eucalyptus, Bergamot & Black Pepper Body Wash

Now here's a refreshing body wash from Tropic to help him wake up in the morning! This pH balanced body wash is tailor made for those who suffer from sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

Formulated with gentle, natural cleansers from soapberries and coconuts, it creates a revitalising lather that leaves your body super clean and smelling fresh all day long.

Tropic is all about using natural ingredients in their products, they believe that our skin needs feeding with healthy, nourishing and most importantly natural ingredients.

By using plants that soak up an abundance of sunshine they have the most benefits for our skin. Tropic uses sustainably sourced ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest, Polynesia and Australia.

The perfect gift this Father's Day. Available from the website for £10.

Yardley's Charity Fragrances For Men

It's been a tough year so far and what better way to put smiles on faces than with a scent from Yardley's Gentleman's Range. There are 5 scents to choose from so there'll be something for every man.

Gentleman's Classic Gentleman's Elite Gentleman's Urbane Gentleman's Legacy Gentleman's Suave

For each sale of Yardleys Gentleman's fragrances EDP 100ml between 20th May to 20th June, Yardley will donate 5% of the retail selling price to Cancer support charity, Look Good Feel Better.

So not only will Dad smell great, but you'll feel good too. Each bottle retails for £19.99 but at the moment, the Gentleman's Collection has 25% off online.

Slow Ageing Essential Face Wash

This face-wash is a revelation, it's a foaming face wash which feels very different. It leaves skin feeling 'squeaky clean' and is deceptively powerfully packed wash will have you hooked! Plumping coconut fatty acids, combine with free radical fighting anti-oxidant essential oils to banish impurities. It works brilliantly as a shaving cream and the tick creamy texture makes shaving extremely easy whilst also deep cleaning the skin. This face-wash would go perfectly with the Pro-Raso pre-shave gel and make the best gift for Dad who likes to look after his skin. It retails for £26, find out more on their website.

Personalised Sudocrem

Now for something a little different. Probably not something you'd immediately think of for Father's Day but perhaps you have a new Dad in your life, or know someone who soon will be then this could actually be perfect.

I'm sure we all know how fab Sudocrem is, it has so many uses and comes in handy for everything. From cuts, burns, scrapes, grazes, acne, there are literally endless possibilities.

This mini pot of Sudocrem will fit into the smallest of pockets so can be taken anywhere and everywhere with you. So no matter your plans after lockdown, this handy pot will be there for you.

You can design the cover yourself and personalise it too, just to make it extra special

It costs £5.99 plus £1.99 postage.

Gruff Stuff Spray On Moisturisers for Face & Body

This deeply hydrating spray moisturiser offers fast and easy application. It is intended for daily use and provides a targeted treatment that protects the skin while restoring the moisture barrier.

This retails for £25, find out more on their website.

Gruff Stuff Spray On Body Moisturiser

This universal body spray offers fast and easy application while giving the hydrating and protective effects of a body lotion. Its gentle formula is fast-drying and leaves no visible marks on skin.

It is ideal for daily use and perfect for use after body hair removal due its high concentration of aloe juice and other anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Find out more on their website. Retails for £24.

The Gruff Stuff Eye Balm

This anti ageing serum provides targeted treatment for the eye area. it can be applied directly to the under eye as well as over the eyelids. It's fast absorbing, leaves skin firmer, smoother, reduces puffiness, black circles and provides hydration.

Find out more on their website. Retails for £22.

American Crew Acumen Clay Exfoliating Cleanser

Now here's something slightly different. A product that works as a scrub and a mask, killing two birds with one stone. Just massage it in to remove dead skin cells, then leave to dry to enable the two types of clay to work together to draw out dirt and sebum from the skin and reducing the appearance of pores.

Find out more on their website. Retails for £22

PRORASO Pre Shave Cream

Something else for the well-groomed man in your life - Pro Raso Pre Shave Cream. Containing Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol it will definitely awaken his senses, soften the beard and assist razor glide whilst also reducing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. When applied after shaving it reduces stinging and irritation.

It honestly smells so good, so minty and fresh it would definitely wake him up on a morning!

An iconic product from Italy's leading shaving brand, which has helped keep Italian men well groomed since the 1920s.

Retails for £8.95.

You can find this pro Raso Shave Gel at John Bell & Croyden Pharmacy. Established in 1798, they hold the Royal Warrant to the Queen since 1958. They have introduced hundreds of globally sourced well-being and beauty products to the UK market over the last 220 years.

So there you have it! A mammoth Father's Day Gift Guide! I hope you've found something which your Dad/Father figure will like, I apologise for the lateness of this guide.

I hope the products featured would arrive by Sunday but I'm sure they wouldn't mind waiting for it, especially given the current climate!

Let me know if there's anything here that takes your fancy.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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