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My Favourite Vegan Foods & Snacks

Sometimes I just have those days where all I want to do is hide under the covers, eat my favourite snacks and watch films. Equally, I do have days where all I want is to go out to a restaurant or a café and enjoy some good food.

I know self-care is different for everybody and we all have our own ways of pampering ourselves or making ourselves feel better; this just happens to be mine.

So come along with me whilst I talk you through some of my favourite snacks and foods for those days when I'm feeling really sad and am in need of cheering up.

My Favourite Vegan Snacks


First up, has to be chocolate, definitely, without a doubt. Preferably a big bar which I can demolish myself! Since becoming vegan it's a bit more difficult to find a bar which doesn't contain milk/butter and sometimes, I do miss being able to just pick up a bar (or 2!) of Dairy Milk for times like this.

But thankfully there are more and more options becoming available all the time, therefore making it easier for me to pick up a bar when I need to.

For a full list of my favourite vegan chocolate choices, check out this post.


Another favourite of mine has to be this delicious vegan chocolate and orange cake with pistachios from Filmore & Union.

Sadly our store has closed now so I can no longer enjoy it, but I always felt better when I had it and really enjoyed visiting to make time for me when I needed it.


Something else I've come to enjoy with a film is popcorn. Sadly I can't enjoy the ones pictured here from Popcorn Shed anymore but there are plenty of others on the market that are perfect for me!

My Favourite Vegan Foods

One of the things I like to do is to go out to restaurants and enjoy some of my favourite vegan foods/dishes.

This always makes me feel better and is definitely up there as one of my favourite self-care activities.

Vegan Tapas

These delicious tapas dishes are from SO! Bar & Restaurants and were absolutely delicious! Here I had:

- Bombay Balls (crispy spiced potato balls soy yogurt and masala dip),

- Vegan Wings (crispy cauliflower pieces, buffalo sauce, minted soy yogurt) and

- Autumn Bruschetta (garlic toast, pickled pear, spiced nut, leek, baked butternut).

They were all absolutely delicious and I want to go back and try out more dishes.

This tapas plate was one I had in Manchester and it was delicious! Padron Peppers, Crushed Tomatoes on Bread and Potatoes in Tomato Sauce. I need to go back!

Vegan Pasta & Garlic Bread

A typical dish for me but one I rarely get to have garlic bread because usually it has cheese and/or butter on it! Thankfully this one was delicious without either and went perfectly with my tomato chilli pasta. A definite comfort dish.

This was enjoyed at Vapiano in Manchester.

I also make my own vegan pollo pesto- find a full recipe here.

(Vegan) Hummus & Flatbread

Now this is something I enjoy on a regular basis because, newsflash, hummus is made from chickpeas which are pretty much a vegan's staple diet! This lunch was from Humpit in Leeds and would have been something I'd have ordered anyway, vegan or not as I just love hummus!

Served with either flatbread or falafels it's just an easy lunch/snack dish and is an easy way to my heart.

A Homemade Lunch

Now this is typical of something I would create at home for myself. Hummus, Ryvita, vegan ham, bread, apricots, falafels, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, peppers and sugar snaps.

Something very healthy but comforting nonetheless! A lunch like this always makes me feel like a healthy vegan!

Vegan Burger & Chips

Something which I'll always order when I'm in need of comfort and just wanting to feel like everybody else. This burger is from Farmhouse here in Harrogate and is one of my favourite restaurants because of the amount of vegan food items available on their menu.

The burgers are particularly delicious and work miracles on a hangover!

Dirty Vegan Food

Now this is what I'm talking about! Dirty, finger-licking, perfect on a hangover or to set you up for a night on the tiles!! I recently shared Mojo's vegan menu and can confirm it was absolutely delicious!

Nut Butter on Crumpets with BNUTZ

I always love a good crumpet, in my previous life I would have smothered it in butter and honey but nowadays I just go for something equally yummy like this nut butter from BNUTZ..

It was delicious and is something I want more of because prior to this tasting I was very dubious as to what it would taste like! Now I'm a convert and find it hits that comfort spot very nicely indeed!

Papa John's Vegan Pizza with Marmite Scrolls + Scheeze

Now this is most definitely a comfort dish, vegan pizza and scheezey marmite scrolls! Delicious! I love how many take out selections there are nowadays, although it does make for an expanded waistline!

The marmite scrolls were simply delicious and it'll not be too long before I have them again!!

Farmhouse Superfood Salad with Vegan Patty

This dish - from Farmhouse again - is absolutely delicious and is a firm favourite of mine if I'm feeling particularly healthy that day! The vegan patty was particularly tasty and is one of the best I've tried!

Farmhouse Vegan Pancakes with maple syrup

Now you're talking! Another of my favourite dishes, these fluffy, American style pancakes really hit the spot when I'm craving something sweet and slightly.

I don't notice any difference between these ones and the omni ones - instead I notice the sharp tang from the blackcurrants and the slight sweetness from the maple syrup. A firm favourite of mine from my favourite restaurant in town.

43 Brew Bar Deliciously Ella Porridge with Fruit.

One for when I'm wanting to be healthy after a dog walk with a friend. A filling, healthy breakfast which always sets me up the right way for the day ahead.

The team at 43 Brew Bar always out-do themselves with breakfast and make it a special event which just adds a whole new layer to something which we have everyday!

Plus, who wouldn't want to eat their porridge with gold cutlery?!

Vebab from Farmhouse

I tried this recently and have since been in to have it again as it just absolutely delicious and is the healthiest kebab I have ever had!!! Perfect after a night out or for cheeky lunch with friends I highly recommend it if you're after something a bit naughty but which is also extremely tasty and filling.

The Harrogate Tea Rooms Vegan Scone

One of my most favourite tearooms in Harrogate and one of the only places who know how to do a good quality vegan scone! Everywhere I go, I always compare them to here because of how good their scones are!

Knowing I have this on my doorstep I can relax knowing that it doesn't matter if the café I go to doesn't have them, I can always come back here and enjoy one.

My Vegan Instagram Top Nine!

Well that does it for my favourite vegan foods and snacks! I hope you've enjoyed coming along with me as I share some of my favourite places to go and enjoy some delicious vegan food.

There's a mix of healthy dishes as well as some which should definitely be kept as treats. I hope through this I've been able to show you that eating vegan doesn't have to include boring salads and celery sticks!

I would love to know if you've ever tried any vegan foods or eaten more plant based recently. Are you taking part in Veganuary? Or Meatless Mondays? Anything you can do helps and I am always here if you need any help!

Also, come and follow me over on Instagram where I post photos like this!

Love, Sarah


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