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7 Vegan Friendly Cafes In Harrogate

I’ve been in Harrogate for 5 years now and so I like to think I’ve had plenty of opportunities to test out almost all of the cafes!

I thought it was about time to write down a list of my favourites for everyone to enjoy should you decide to visit – which you absolutely should because Harrogate (& North Yorkshire!) is absolutely beautiful.

All of these cafés are also dog friendly, and proud Harrogate independents!

Hustle & Co Cafe – 71 Station Parade Harrogate HG1 1ST

Hustle & Co is a relatively new independently owned and operated fresh food cafe, founded by two best friends.

You can expect a menu with innovation and inspiration gathered from the seasons and local suppliers.

The heart of their values is good food, done well, balancing nutrition and nothing added but passion and goodness.

Catering for all dietary requirements and eating preferences. A special place to congregate for warmth, community and nourishment.

I watched Hustle & Co come to life as they were unfortunately caught in the middle of lockdowns so couldn’t officially open until December 2020!

But it was absolutely worth the wait and I have become something of a regular & have gotten to know the owners and staff really well, which makes going for a solo lunch date a very pleasant experience.

The food is delicious and I always feel like I’ve been eating healthily, even if I’ve had pancakes! The very fact that they nothing is added except passion and goodness ensures that every dish is just as tasty and filling as you expect it to be; you can really taste every ingredient that has gone into each dish.

I’ve probably tried almost every vegan dish on the menu, which is quite a feat when Hustle & Co are constantly delivering delicious dishes each week!

My favourites have to be the pancakes (of course!) and the Special Gnocchi with Pumpkin Pesto, an absolutely delicious pasta dish which is incredibly tasty.

They also do a range of delicious tasty treats which are perfect for a quick brunch stop or as a tasty takeaway treat.

Their range of bakes include croissants, raspberry & white chocolate blondie, a super seed bar and a peanut butter slab. Perfect with a cup of coffee or even a vegan hot chocolate!

Farmhouse – Unit 1, Westgate House, Station Parade, Harrogate HG1 1HQ

Farmhouse is an all day independent restaurant, located off Station Parade, under the Everyman Cinema in Harrogate town centre.

The décor makes it an ideal brunch location and come evening it is the perfect place to spend the night.

Farmhouse is perfect for celebrations, catch up with friends, or a cosy meal for two.

The restaurant features an extensive bar with wines, cocktails and beers.

I’ve been going to Farmhouse since it opened I was very excited to have a restaurant such as Farmhouse in Harrogate, it definitely seemed from the off that it would be offering delicious, fresh food with a focus on seasonal flavours with the added bonus of their plant based offerings too of course!

They are always changing up their menu and usually whenever I visit, there’s a new dish that I haven’t tried which is just how I like it.

I’ve gotten to know the team at Farmhouse and so when I visited when they reopened after lockdown I was given a new dish to trial which was absolutely delicious!

The staff know I’m vegan and so sometimes help me decide what to order, offering up options which I may have previously missed.

Farmhouse is one of my favourite restaurants/cafes to visit and I’m always suggesting it to others who are looking for somewhere to eat in Harrogate which serves vegan/plant based food.

The Harrogate Tearooms - 9 Westminster Arcade, Harrogate HG1 2RN

At their beautiful family run Victorian arcade tea room, you find that all their food is prepared freshly to order.

You can choose from a vast range of teas and coffees, or if you’re wanting a bite to eat, they offer tasty breakfasts, luscious lunches and a range of delicious home-bakes scones, cakes and sweet treats.

Now, I am very passionate about cake, scones and all things afternoon tea like.

I feel that your diet choice shouldn’t mean you miss out on all things delicious so now you can begin to understand why I love The Harrogate Tearooms so much!

Plus, the owners Carrie & Tony are so warm and welcoming that I almost feel like I’m visiting family whenever I’m there.

At The Harrogate Tearooms they have a wide range of dishes for you to choose from, including, of course, scones and cake.

From jacket potatoes with various fillings, sandwiches, ciabattas, cheese on toast, welsh rarebit, paninis and omelettes.

I’m always well catered for at The Harrogate Tearooms – even if I sometimes turn up unexpectedly wanting a vegan scone, with spread and jam!

Tony can usually find me a vegan scone or slice of lemon drizzle cake which is always appreciated!

Something new which Tony and Carrie started doing during lockdown, is their Simply Scones delivery service.

If you’re local to Harrogate then your scones will be hand delivered personally, which just adds a lovely touch to any day.

If you’re outside of Harrogate, your scones will be posted 1st class all ready for you to tuck into upon delivery.

I’ve taken advantage of this a couple of times and had no problems – the scones were just as delicious as when I have them in the cafe, plus it’s a good way to support this wonderful independent business.

No 43 Brew Bar 43 St Winifred’s Avenue, Harrogate HG2 8LT

Brew Bar Harrogate opened in May 2018 as they felt the sense of community in the area had been lost. Their mission was to re-build the community network by bringing people together once more.

No 43 Brew Bar is popular with mums on the school run, friends grabbing a coffee on their daily walk around the Stray, or two dog walkers just wanting a coffee and a catch up! They sell a variety of cakes, bakes, breakfast oats and lunch items.

I really like Brew Bar and been visiting it fairly frequently with my friend after our dog walks – sometimes just grabbing a takeaway coffee and walking the 5 minutes back to her house or sitting on a bench on the Stray. Brew Bar is perfectly located for all of these activities.

Suzetta 2B Albert Street, Harrogate HG1 1JG

Suzetta has been the staple creperie in Harrogate since 2015 when it was known as Crepes & Creams. In 2018 it underwent a massive refurbishment to become the Suzetta we know and love today. It is a funky, instagrammable cafe with bold prints and eclectic prints, giving the perfect background to any Instagram worthy shot!

The pancakes and ice creams haven’t changed thankfully, rather they’ve grown up and become more sophisticated.

Any and every flavour combination can be accommodated – and yes, they do vegan pancakes too!

Suzetta is another cafe which I’ve frequented over the years, I’ve gotten to know the owner and crepeologist Andy quite well which always makes going in for a crepe a very pleasing experience.

There’s always a really cool vibe in Suzetta and of course it’s popular with teenagers and families alike.

It’s the perfect stop mid photoshoot too – in fact when Suzetta re-opened after their refurbishment, I was very eager to shoot in there with its funky wallpapers and bold lettering. It is without doubt the most Instagrammable cafe in the whole of Harrogate!

If you’re ever craving a crepe then there is without doubt no other place to go than Suzetta!

With any flavour combination under the sun possible, then the sky really is the limit when deciding upon your fillings!

In my opinion, they could do with having more vegan-friendly options – especially in the sweet selections, considering the wide range of dairy free/vegan friendly ice cream options available nowadays!

But with all that being said, there are still loads of options available and the very fact they offer vegan pancakes is something to be applauded because unfortunatelythere aren’t many places which do offer them!

Gron Cafe – 3 Royal Parade, Harrogate HG1 2SZ

Gron is the home of feel-good food and world class coffee. Serving beautifully balanced food and drink and is open to everyone regardless of dietary requirements.

They’re all about #KeepingItClean and delivering a great brunch, lunch or coffee, with minimal impact on the environment.

Gron started as a pop up cafe in the clubhouse of Cold Bath Brewing on King’s Road, Harrogate. I visited them during Eat Out To Help Out in July/August 2020 and was excited to learn they would be opening a larger cafe in Harrogate after lockdown had ended.

Thankfully, Gron offer a wide range of vegan friendly dishes which makes deciding what or order slightly difficult!

I’ve only eaten in once, when I visited around Christmas 2021 for a vegan cheese and wine night – let me tell you never before have I had such delicious vegan cheese with chutneys, figs, grapes and crackers as I had at Gron.

I’ve also had a takeaway Breakfast Melt which was delicious and much needed after a morning run!

I’d highly recommend Gron if you’re looking for somewhere which makes going out for breakfast/grabbing a take-out easy instead of a chore.

I need to try more food from them but what I’ve tried so far makes me hopeful that the rest of their menu is just as delicious.

Starlings Cafe – 47 Oxford Street, Harrogate HG1 1PW

Starlings set out in 2016 to create a relaxed cafe bar with equal emphasis on amazing craft beer and stunning specialist coffee, alongside simple but great quality homemade food.

The challenge was always going to be achieving this in the same place. They’ve worked hard to create a space which is equally as comfortable for a coffee and a bacon sarnie first thing, as it is for a pint or a G&T in the evening.

I love Starlings and have visited many times over the last few years, I’ve found it to be the perfect place for a vegan cooked breakfast (which is absolutely delicious let me tell you!) as it is for a plate of Jacked fries, (BBQ pulled Jackfruit, fries and vegan cheese).

Of course their coffee is very tasty too, I’ve not actually had any of the craft beer or gin available at Starlings cafe, perhaps I should on my next visit!

I’ve also taken my laptop to Starlings cafe to do some work and felt welcomed in – in fact when I’m upstairs, I’ve always seen other people engaged in work or having meetings, so it’s definitely the perfect location for a work meeting or as somewhere to catch up on emails/write your next blog post!

So, there you have it! A round up of 7 of the best vegan-friendly cafes in Harrogate.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of them or perhaps I’ve given you ideas of where to stop next time you’re visiting Harrogate!



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