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AD Introducing Masha Hasel – The Vegan Leather Handbag Brand

Masha Hasel is an American brand, originating from New York City. They produce must-have handbags, all made from vegan leather. Shoulder bags, cross body bags, handbags, there’s plenty of choice available, not to mention the wide range of colours and designs. The possibilities are endless!

Who Are Masha Hasel?

Launched in 2021, Masha Hasel caters for a wide range of affordable, yet trendy and fashionable vegan leather bags that will complement your outfits perfectly, no matter the occasion. Masha Hasel is all about being true to yourself, creativity and having fun. This is testament to the brand founder’s love of fashion.

At Masha Hasel, they believe that fashion should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Style shouldn’t come at a high cost, women everywhere should be able to sport their favourite accessory without breaking the bank.

What Masha Hasel love more than anything is your amazing style: your individuality. They want to help you show it, live your best life and look incredible whilst doing it. The right handbag can go a long way to lifting an outfit and helping you feel incredible whilst wearing it. It is one accessory that can be dressed up or down, it’s one way to make a personal style statement all your own.

Masha Hasel value inclusivity and want to make their bags accessible to all. That’s why they don’t use genuine leather on any of their handbags- instead using vegan leather and fabric.

Introducing: Azura Contrast Colour Crossbody Bag

Stylish, versatile and colourful the Azura Contrast Colour Crossbody Bag will take you to great places. Featuring two inside compartments as well as a zip pocket, you can close it up knowing all your valuables will be safe inside.

There are two straps to choose from- a gold tone chain and another in multicolour utility fabric, both of which can be removed to enable you to carry it by the large gold handle at the top of the bag.

The Azura showcases great details, will upgrade any outfit and comes in four colours: yellow, green, white and black. Plenty of options for every outfit you choose to wear. Just because this bag seems more befitting a Spring or Summer doesn’t mean it cannot be worn during Autumn/Winter.

Personally I love to add a splash of colour to an autumnal outfit through my accessories, like a scarf or a bag.

The Azura Contrast Colour Crossbody bag is small enough to keep down the bulkiness of your outfit, yet big enough to keep all your possessions safe. Having two options where the straps are concerned, ensures that whatever outfit you choose, your strap will match!

Plus, with them being removable, you have yet another way to wear this bag! You can, of course, add in another different strap too, so the choices really are never ending!

More Than Just an Accessory

In my opinion, handbags are more than just an accessory. They can reflect who you are, and help you make a statement. Sometimes you have to wear a specific outfit for work or school, so the right accessory can add a little something to your regular outfit- and make it a little more "you".

When it comes to body image, some of us might not always feel comfortable in our clothes from one day to the next. But accessories will always fit you, and there's such an important link between feeling confident in your outfits and confident in your day-to-day life.

I love this handbag because you can change it with the seasons. You can change the strap colour to co-ordinate it with your outfit, and I love finding the perfect accessory to complement my outfits and shoes- in any season.

For me, wearing a certain gorgeous accessory can elicit important memories, such as when I bought it with loved ones, or won it in a competition. Handbags can be an investment piece, and I know many people who buy a new handbag every time they achieve something in life- or to remind themselves how hard they worked to save the money for it.

Handbags can be more than just somewhere to store your phone– the styles, the designs, and the colours all represent something different about you as a person. With Masha Hasel Handbags, you can find the perfect accessory for your tastes, style, or season!

You wear different clothes for different activities, so why shouldn’t your handbag be any different?

Find out more about the gorgeous Masha Hasel Handbags in my 2021 Christmas Gift Guide.

I also have a code for 20% off. Just type SUNSHINESARAH20 at the checkout and get your discount! This expires at the end of November.

Love Sarah xo

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