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AD Vegan Make-Up From Lavera

AD- Post in collaboration with SV PR- it contains products gifted for the purposes of this review

Recently I have been wanting to update my make up with a few new products and what better way to start than with a good base? I have said many times previously that it's important to have good skin before trying to cover it up with foundation.

I used to be that girl who had to cover her face in it and BB cream before I felt like I was accepted into the world.

My horrendous acne stopped me from living my life to the full and prevented me from doing so many things, I constantly felt like I should hide away and not show my naked face to the world. Thankfully though my skin has now cleared up to the point where I don't even want to wear make up anymore because of how long I spent caking my face in it! I like to leave my face au naturel at all times now that it's finally looking how I want it to.

Now that I've made the switch to full time vegan, I am more conscious than ever of all my beauty products and how I want them all to be vegan and cruelty free. I've been this way for a little while actually but you could say I am more actively hunting for products which align more with my morals.

Step in this gorgeous vegan foundation by Lavera and their Cover and Care Concealer Stick. Both certified Vegan and natural by NaTrue, these two make up products have quickly become favourites in my routine and give me the base I have been searching for - not too thick that my skin can't breathe underneath it, but not too light that I feel like it's not doing anything.

Although I can go without make-up, when I do wear it I want it to cover my skin enough so that I get a clean, fresh base to work with so that I can create a look with my somewhat beginner level make-up skills!

Lavera Cover & Care Stick in Ivory

This Concealer effortlessly glides over unwanted blemishes and redness, covering them and leaving my skin feeling soft and light with no heaviness. The packaging is sleek, mess free and the twist ensures that no waste is created upon application.

I found this Cover and Care stick to be an effective Concealer on the few blemishes I had at the time as well as providing some coverage to my heavy eye bags! Those bad boys need A LOT of coverage let me tell you!

I can always tell if a new foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturiser/concealer is any good by how well it covers them - they are my prime focus now that my skin has cleared up!

I like how easily this Concealer glides on effortlessly, there is no tugging of the skin which can sometimes happen if there isn't enough moisturisation within the stick itself. Thankfully I can apply this without worrying about that and just concentrate on creating a flawless base.

I chose the shade Ivory as I thought it would be the least orangey of the available shades, as well as being a more suitable match to the foundation I chose.

Soft Liquid Foundation in Ivory Rose

This Foundation provides a light soft texture which easily glides over my skin and helps to even skin tone with it's light to medium coverage. This contains a host of natural and organic moisturising ingredients as well as Lavera's innovative Green anti-Pollution Complex which protects skin from environmental influences and counters the effects of free radicals.

I chose this foundation because of the green anti pollution complex, I thought it would be good for city living - allowing my skin to breathe whilst still providing me with coverage. I find this foundation to be easy to apply, blend and even out on my skin.

I really like this foundation, not only is it Vegan, it's all natural and helps to counteract the effects of pollution. Combined with the concealer they're the perfect combination for my skin. I don't wear make-up all of the time anymore but it's good to have a duo which I know work brilliantly together, without having to think too hard about it!

This foundation is buildable, blendable, breathable and most importantly, non-comedgenic which is brilliant for those of us who suffer from oily skin or a build up of acne. As much as we use foundation to cover them up, it's important our pores don't become blocked so our skin can still breathe and not become blocked.

This shade is a good match for me, it can be hard to find your shade even if you do have the chance to go in store and swatch it! This is why I'm so surprised this matched me so well - I could only choose from a selection online and as I don't wear make-up too much these days, I had kind of forgotten which shade I was!

My Thoughts

I absolutely love these two beauty products, they give me the perfect base I need to cover up whilst also allowing my skin to breathe and be cared for at the same time. The fact they're both vegan doesn't take away from their effectiveness at all and shouldn't discourage you from trying them out for yourself.

I know I don't have a make-up routine as such anymore, but when I do wear make-up, these two are the ones I'm going to reach for. I am so pleased I got to try them out because it just goes to show that natural/vegan/cruelty free make-up is just as good as all the others out there on the market.

If you're interested in either of these then I urge you to check them out for sure! Not only will you be helping the planet but you can wear a very smug smile knowing that no animals were harmed to help you achieve your flawless look!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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