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AD- BNutz Vegan Nut Butter: The Perfect Topping for Toast or Crumpets!

AD- This post contains items gifted for the purposes of this post.

"Our homemade nut butters are lovingly crafted in the Surrey Hills, Founder B of BNutz, has a background in mental health nursing which has made her passionate about changing attitudes towards nutrition and making health living a lifestyle choice. Premium organic ingredients are used to evolve our unique flavours. Expert roasting and meticulous grinding means you'll enjoy these deliciously smooth nut butters from the first spoonful until the last."

Until very recently, I had never tried any kind of nut butter - I know they're a good alternative to dairy butter when giving up all animal products but to be honest I was hesitant to dip my toe into that world because I was unsure what they would taste like.

I didn't really want to waste my money by buying a large jar and not liking it! Plus there are loads of different ones on the market I didn't know where to start first!

It seems you can make a nut butter from any nut around, just put them all in a blender and away you go! So not a daunting task to make at home but still somewhat different from the traditional butters I was used to.

So, I was thankful when Delivered Social got in touch to ask if I'd like to try out a new vegan food product which turned out to be BNutz!

I have been trying this for the past couple of weeks and let me tell you, my crumpets have never tasted better! This nut butter is the most delicious, perfectly balanced, crunchy, scrumptious, decadent chocolate and hazelnut spread I have ever tasted.

I was worried when I first opened it whether I would like it and what it would taste like so I avoided it for a while but I am so pleased I finally got it out and spread it all over my crumpets because, seriously, it is simply the best!

Previously I was always a Nutella, eat it from the jar with a spoon kinda girl, so when I became vegan I was always on the lookout for a replacement which would be just as good and which I could also eat from the jar with just a spoon or spread on my morning toast or afternoon crumpets.

I'm yet to eat this Cacao and Hazelnut Nut Butter from the jar though!

BNutz is free from Preservatives, Refined Sugar & Palm Oil and is 100% Vegan! So it's perfect if you're looking for something to replace your usual chocolate spread or butter without compromising on taste.

You have to stir it a bit before you spread it, but this is just because it's all natural and the oils are likely to have separated when it's been resting or during movement. It doesn't disrupt the taste of it nor the look, it just allows all the goodness to seep back into the butter - mmm delicious!

The rich cacao notes work perfectly with the natural sweetness of hazelnuts in this cacao and hazelnut butter. These two classic flavours combine with natural oils to produce a delicious butter that is high in nutritional value.

The wholesome balance of flavours is complemented by a thick and creamy texture that further accentuates the taste.

I can highly highly recommend this nut butter if you're on the lookout for another tasty nut butter to add to your collection or to start your off.

I love the way it tastes, how it looks, the fact there are chunks of hazelnuts inside it, the fact that it spreads so well onto my crumpets and I also love that it's so lovingly handmade here in the UK.

Each jar retails at £6.50 and is so so worth it. Have you tried BNutz nut butters before? Which flavour is your favourite? There are 2 others in the range to choose from: Vanilla and Macademia Nut Butter & Espresso Nut Butter each retailing at £6.50 as well.

I'm sure there's bound to be one which tickles your fancy! Let me know which one you go for!

Love Sarah xoxoxo

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