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AD A Review - Very Neko's Reuseable Funko Disney Homeware Range

AD/PR - products have been gifted in exchange for this post, all photos and opinions my own.

Now we're starting to once again come out of lockdown and perhaps go back to work, there comes the ever growing question of - 'Do I need to take my lunch to work with me & if so, what do I use?' and 'Can I continue to have my iced coffees in my fancy tumbler in the office?'

OK, so perhaps that last question is reserved for those of us who don't mind drinking cold drinks when it's cold outside, but the dilemma is the same.

Yes you could buy your lunch from the shop everyday and get a takeout coffee, but wouldn't it be better to treat yourself like a child and have a cool lunchbox and reuseable coffee cup to take with you to work everyday?

For me not working in an office, my cool Disney homeware would be reserved for those days when I'm out and about exploring the Yorkshire Dales or on a long car journey.

The lunchbox would be just big enough for a sandwich, which is sometimes all you need.

From an eco-friendly standpoint, using something which can be re-used over and again is definitely better for the environment, as well as our wallets.

There's hope that as we once again get back to our normal routines of commuting to work, that those morning coffees will start to make a re-appearance too!

The Funko Disney Homeware Range

Very Neko are an online store selling branded clothing, collectibles and accessories including Disney themed homeware and Pop Funko vinyl figurines.

They are your go to place if you're after something a bit different to add to your wardrobe or lunchbag.

As someone who doesn't flaunt their love for Disney, I love how subtle the designs are on all of these products. If you couldn't see the Beauty &The Beast lunchbox and coffee cup close up, you wouldn't necessarily know what the pattern was.

Perfect if you're trying to avoid going all out Disney at the office!

Funko Homeware Disney Be Our Guest Bamboo Lunchbox & Mug Set

'Be Our Guest' with this new sustainable bamboo lunch set, this includes this sleek lunchbox and travel mug, which are inspired by Beauty & The Beast. I love the design on these two products, as you have to look quite closely to see that it is in fact, Disney inspired!

The lunchbox will be perfect for those days when I'm out and about exploring the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and the coffee cup will come in handy all the time, not just when I'm away from home!

Retails for £14.99

Funko Homeware Disney Classic Outline Print Mug

This mug is the perfect way to add in a bit of classic Disney into your everyday life with its simple line drawing design of the infamous mouse ears in gold.

With a capacity of 0.49l, it is the perfet size for your morning or afternoon cuppa and it could quickly end up becoming a favourite!

(I already have too many mugs, so for this to be added into rotation, I am going to have to say goodbye to at least one other! But with a mug as beautiful as this, it's not going to be hard!)

Retails for £8.99

Funko Homeware Disney Classic Block Print Travel Tumbler

Another bit of classic Disney for you here in the form of a travel tumbler, perfect for all those iced coffees you're going to be making this summer!

With bright pink Mickey ears printed all over this tumbler, your love for Disney will be on show for everyone to see, which is great if you're someone who loves flaunting their love for the mouse for all to see!

Retails for £8.99

Funko Homeware Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Mason Jar

Now here's something for those cocktails you love to make! Mason jars as drinking glasses have become quite popular over recent years thanks to the likes of Pinterest and Tik Tok!

I've seen them around and always thought how good they looked but never had one myself, until now!

This tumbler already comes with a white straw, whereas the travel tumbler above does not, but this was OK by me because I simply put in one of the metal reuseable straws I've got and it fits perfectly!

This will be perfect come Summer when I'm *hopefully* outside more and wanting to have cute drinks out of my Frozen 2 Mason Jar!

Retails for £9.99

*I must note here that all of these products are not dishwasher safe and must be hand washed in hot soapy water*

My Review of the Fuko Disney Homeware Range from Very Neko

I love coming across new pieces of homeware or items I can use in my everyday life, whether or not I need them is something different entirely!

With the way life's been over this last 18 months or so, when I came across this range, it definitely put a smile on my face and I had a lot of fun browsing the Very Neko range, of Funko Disney Homeware.

There's something for everybody in this range, so no matter which film or character is your favourite, you're bound to find an item that suits.

I am very muchly looking forward to enjoying some iced coffees and cocktails in my new mason jar and tumbler.

I just need the weather to co-operate with me and allow me to actually sit outside to enjoy them!



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