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14 Ways to Look After Your Own Mental Wellbeing

Our Mental Well-being is so important, I'd go so far as to say that it's just as important as our physical health. I mean, we eat right, drink water, exercise to ensure our bodies are all functioning correctly but what do we really do to look after our mental well-being?

It's important to check in with ourselves mentally so we're able to function on all levels and take charge if something isn't right. We all want to be our best selves in real life- whatever our Instagram might say!

So today, I'm here to let you know some simple techniques that you can put in place to easily refer to when you're having a bad day. I hope they'll be useful to you!

In this post find 14 ways to look after your own mental wellbeing.

1. Start a diary

Writing is therapeutic- this could be a journal or an online blog

2. Identify your triggers

Learn what sets you off and see if there's any way you can make your life easier by avoiding certain things or situations.

3. Talk to people

If you can, talk to your friends/family/therapist about how you're feeling and where your head's at. Talking is always good, most people do want to help.

4. Listen to music

We all know how much better we feel when we blast out our favourite tunes. It doesn't matter if you (like me!) can't sing a note, just turn up the volume and sing your heart out!

5. Watch your favourite film

Just like music, films can have a similar effect and sometimes it's OK to have a day on the sofa in your pjs watching your faves on screen. Self-care comes in different forms for everyone so just enjoy it.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

If you choose to mix with people who lift you up and make you feel good, chances are you will too. So, choose wisely and don't worry if some relationships fizzle out over time, this is completely natural and allows room for other, more positive, upbeat people to come into your life.

7. Seek out mental health advocates

Social media can be toxic at times, but we really do have the control to be in charge of who we follow.

So, similar to point 6, choose your feed wisely and follow people/pages/accounts which inspire you and make you feel positive whenever you open the apps.

8. Read

There are plenty of books and magazines geared towards mental health, well-being and self-care.

I gave up reading all the trashy gossip magazines long ago and my mental health has never been better. I now solely read Happiful Magazine and I absolutely love it.

Plus, I have a few books which are great for when I'm feeling low or even if I'm not, they're just great to have around.

A few of my favourites are:

Calm - Micheal Acton Smith

The Anxiety Solution - Chloe Brotherbridge

Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down - Haemin Sunim

No Worries - Journal

This Book Will Make You Stronger - MindJournal

Melancholy Mind - Charlene McElhinney

9. Create

Now I'm not the most creative of people but I have found that sometimes doing something which takes all of my focus away from my phone is definitely something I need to do more of.

Perhaps you love drawing, doodling, painting or something else, whatever it is, pursue it and take your mind somewhere else.

10. Sleep

Now this is also something that I'm not that good at, but when I do everything goes right and I do manage a good night I know I always feel so much better for it.

So, perhaps an early night, a warm bath and a cosy bed will help stop your mind from drifting off into other, unhealthy areas.

11. Eat

When all is going wrong this is one aspect of your routine which can easily slip so when you do have a good day, make yourself a bowl/plate of delicious healthy food.

I know I'm always in a better mood when I'm not hangry!

12. Get outside

Sunlight and vitamin D are so important to us that it's imperative that at some point during in the day we get outside and take in some of those sun rays- easier said than done in the UK though!

Some people find a SAD lamp can really help especially in Autumn/Winter when there's naturally less of it around.

13. Hobbies

Having something which is outside of your normal day-to-day life which completely takes you away from it all can be vital to ensuring your mind has the chance to rest and recharge.

For me, it's horse riding, I just find I go to a different place whenever I'm near horses, which is no surprise really because they're so peaceful and can be used in therapy to help people who are battling with their own mind.

14. Yoga

A practice which I have come to love in recent times. It's definitely something I would advise everybody does at least once.

My body feels nicely stretched out and my mind has a chance to switch off. I need to do it more often, but I always love it when I do.

I hope these have been useful to you. If you have anything more to add please do add them in the comments as I'd love to hear how you look after your own mental well-being too.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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