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5 Ways To Enjoy Italy On A Budget In 2023

canals between buildings with a boat

Do you dream of a trip to Italy? Fantasise about eating gelato by a vineyard in Veneto?

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Italy on a budget in 2023.

Read on to find out how to get to Italy this year without busting your budget.

Go To A Wine Festival

Everyone’s seen the picture of the rolling hills of a Tuscan vineyard. But what better way to enjoy sipping wine than an Italian wine festival?

an Italian city from above, mountains and nature

Wine festivals in Italy tend to be centred in rustic settings around particular grapes from the region, like the Tempranillo Wine Festival.

Shop Local

You don’t have to eat out locally every night to sample the real delights of Italy. Shop local produce and enjoy a lunch or evening picnic.

a nature trail/hiking path

There are beautiful national parks in almost every region that you can enjoy while sampling local delicacies.

Visit the Abruzzo National Park in the Abruzzo Region to spend time with the local wildlife.

Many parks also have events and festivals, making them the perfect place to hang out.

Don’t Fly Into The Main Airport

Thinking of going to Venice? You might be better off flying to Treviso Airport, accessible via public transport to mainland Italy and the beautiful Island.

airplanes in a row

Fly to Rome Ciampino for Rome’s secondary and more cost-effective local airport.

You’ll often find that secondary airports have cheaper flights and are perfectly accessible via public transport to all major destinations.

You could also use a safe travel app like BlaBlaCar to rideshare with others from the airport and reduce costs.

Find The Student Areas

If you’re visiting a university town like Venice, Pisa, or Bergamo, the chances are there is a far more affordable student area. You’ll get to sample pizza for mere euros rather than extortionate tourist prices.

pizza with basil and mozzarella and tomato sauce

Try Campo Santa Margherita in the Dorsoduro region of Venice to enjoy huge slabs of pizza at prices students could eat out at.

You’ll also often find the food is equally delicious and the area free of high volumes of tourists.

Don’t Splash Out For Drinks

Liquids are at a premium in Italy, and there are a few ways to save money on everything from water to your Aperol spritz.

Aperol Spritz cocktail with a beach in the background

Water is drinkable in practically all locations in Italy, so steer clear of bottled water and ask for tap water when you’re eating out.

Stand up when drinking coffee, as you will pay to sit down at some locations.

Finally, keep an eye out for local deals when going for drinks.

Many bars give you snacks or ‘cicchetti’ that you can enjoy with an alcoholic beverage.


Travelling to Italy doesn’t have to be expensive.

Seek out the secondary airports to start your trip with more cost-effective flights, and enjoy local, national parks where you can for cost-effective days out.

an Italian street at night

Remember, student areas offer cheaper and tourist-free cuisine as delicious as the premium version you pay for as a tourist.

Finally, get tap water or find offers for drinking out, or better yet, enjoy an Italian wine festival for a true taste of authentic Italy.

Have you ever been to Italy? Or are you considering visiting? I can highly recommend Rome, having visited myself back in 2019!

Love, Sarah


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